Cydia Outage.
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Some users aren’t able to make purchases right in Cydia now due to Amazon Web Services (AWS) going down. Saurik uses AWS for the Cydia Store, so until Amazon fixes this issue people won’t be able to buy tweaks. It also seems that the ‘Manage Account’ section on the Cydia home page tab is affected as well

You can check the status of AWS here.

Amazons Engineers:

We are working hard at repairing S3, believe we understand root cause, and are working on implementing what we believe will remediate the issue.

Cydia Store Outage

Cydia Store Outage

Optimo, who owns and operates BigBoss, which is the largest Cydia repository for tweaks, tweets this morning that this is indeed why purchases aren’t working. It is unclear when this situation will be fixed.

You can also follow along on this post on reddit.

[Discussion] AWS outages are causing Bigboss to not work now. from jailbreak

This Has Happened Before

Long time jailbreak news site iDownloadBlog wrote In April of 2011 about Amazon’s EC2 Cloud going down, causing an 86 hour disruption of all Cydia Store services. Saurik had to sleep in hour and a half shifts, hopefully this won’t be as bad.

I will update this post as the situation unfolds. Feel free to sound off in the comments below!


My Purchases Are Working

Cydia Store ColorBanners 2 purchase.

I was able to purchase ColorBanners 2 by David Goldman, so it’s unclear as to the extent of the outage. There are other users on reddit that are claiming purchases are working for them as well. Go ahead and make a comment in that thread to potentially help everyone get to the bottom of this.

I’ll try and update this as much as possible today so stay tuned!

Update Two

It looks like Amazon has updated it’s health page, we’re not out of the woods yet.

Amazon Update:

Update at 1:12 PM PST: S3 object retrieval, listing and deletion are fully recovered now. We are still working to recover normal operations for adding new objects to S3.

CPDigitalDarkroom Temporarily Disabled DRM On HideMeX

Developer Carlos Perez (CPDigitalDarkroom) disabled his DRM system to prevent legitimate customers from being affected by this. He comments on the thread above as well in an attempt to let more people know about it.

Hopefully any other DRM that rely on the Cydia Store will be disabled as well until this is all over.

Update Three

Amazon has fully repaired the issued and made the following statement:

Update at 2:08 PM PST: As of 1:49 PM PST, we are fully recovered for operations for adding new objects in S3, which was our last operation showing a high error rate. The Amazon S3 service is operating normally.

If anything should change I’ll update the article as needed but is seems as though everything is working correctly now.