Falcon, showing how you can search google from your Lock-Screen

When iOS 10 first teased at WWDC last year, the Lock Screen revamp was a pleasant surprise to many. Apple made some sorely needed improvements, including two new pages for Today and Camera. Falcon, a new tweak by Logan O’Connell takes aim at improving the Lock Screen a little further.

Not only does he add more functionality but he gives the user the ability to reorder the pages of both the Lock Screen and Notification Center. This is a common feature among jailbreak tweaks, give the user as many options as possible.

Falcon, showing how you can toggle settings and take notes from the lock screen

Falcon Gives You Options

On install Falcon will add three new pages to the Lock Screen and Notification Center. It gives the user a choice of which pages to use and where they are displayed, it can also lock the LS toggle with Touch ID.

The new pages are Search, Toggle, and Notes. Search is basically a web browser in your NC, similar to NCBrowser with a more minimal approach. Toggle is a page of toggles, sliders and a few buttons including Respring, Power OFF, Safe Mode, and Reboot. Notes is really neat; it uses the search bar at the top as the text entry field, it’s pretty minimal as well, all you can really do is take a note and delete it.


Logan worked with LaughingQuoll to include Noctis support out of the box. I tested this myself and it works flawlessly for me on my iPhone 6s running 10.2 with Yalu Beta 7. I also have Calendar for Lockscreen 2, DisplayWeather 10, PickPocket 2 (iOS 10), and Unify installed with zero conflicts.

I did have a bit of trouble after first installing to get anything to show up, reordering the pages and then reinstalling ended up fixing the issue for me. There’s also a conflict with Camera page on the Lock Screen, once you’re there the only way to get out is pressing the Home button. Don’t set any pages past it as you won’t be able to access them.


The Lock Screen has different uses for different types of people. Some people like it to be super minimal, while others like to pack it with lots of functionality. Whichever type of person you identify as, Falcon can offer you something. It will be available on the BigBoss repo for $1.49 as soon as it gets approved.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more tweak reviews like this one soon.


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