A bunch of paid and free tweaks went into creating this beautiful iPhone 6s.

With so many awesome tweaks released for iOS 10 and many that are compatible without needing an update, it’s hard to cover them all for a start-up site. We’re going to try and catch any tweaks that fall through the cracks with articles like these.

The tweaks covered will all be free and in no particular order.

Free Tweaks On iOS 10

DisplayWeather 10 – by pxcex

Displayweather 10, one of the many tweaks that make iOS 10 a little better.

This is a great tweak that puts a little weather widget to the left of the clock in the Today view of the Notification Center, Lock Screen and the left Spotlight page. It currently has some alignment issues in Spotlight and the NC on my iPhone 6s but other than that it works great.

Ghosty – by Developer Carlos Pérez (CPDigitalDarkroom)

Ghosty removes the blur when you 3D Touch. One of the great many one-off tweaks by CPDigitialDarkroom.

Originally released in November of 2015, Ghosty removes the blur when 3d Touching an icon on the Springboard. There are no settings or anything to configure at all. I personally love the look of it over the blur.

AlphabetSources – by Alex Beals

AlphabetSources is another of those simple tweaks, all is does is sort all of your sources alphabetically.

This tweak sorts your sources that are found in your Sources tab, it also adds a slider to the side for easy navigation. This seems to make more sense than the way that Saurik has it laid out.

Bars – by phoenix3200

Bars is another one of those tweaks that does one thing and does it well.Released in March of 2012, Bars changes your signal strength from the new post-iOS 7 dots to the older five bars. It also shows incremental bar heights instead of just showing a full bar on each one. In other words you can have two and a half bars or one and a quarter, etc.

AlertClose – by DGhost

AlertClose, one of my personal favorite tweaks, it shows an ActionSheet Alert asking you a few configurable option.This tweak came out in June of 2015, based on a comment I made on a reddit post. If I can recall correctly, it was on a post relating to his tweak WhitelistSwitcherClose. The way he was implementing that tweak didn’t make sense to me, so I suggested he do it the AlertClose does it. DGhost just ended up making both, because options.

Thanks For Reading!

We hope to get out around one or two a month, but maybe a little bit more. Sometimes a tweak might be really good at doing just one little thing, and so this will also be a good way to show the little guys some love.

Did you find any cool tiny tweaks this week that are free? Leave a link to it in the comments below.