So you have all your tweaks installed but can’t find a theme that suits you? Why not create your own?

Follow the steps below and get started with your own theme project;

How to Create Your Own Theme

First, create a folder on your desktop and name is as follows: YourThemeName.theme. This will be where you will place all of the relevant files for your theme. This is a tutorial for icon theming, but having multiple.theme folders is common for themes that affect the System, Statusbar, and UI as well.

In this folder, create another folder called IconBundles, as well as a file called info.plist

Here is your theme folder. Everything you make for your theme will go in here.


This file will modify certain aspects of your theme. Download a sample info.plist here. You may also visit this page to see a complete list of info.plist keys and what they do. Editing these values affects how all of your icons look, so if you want to make a change to one icon, make sure you edit it in Photoshop instead.


Next, you should create all the icons you would like in your theme. Create them in Photoshop or Illustrator as an 180X180 png file. You will now have to name the icon the proper BundleID in order for iOS to know which app icon to replace. To easily find BundleIDs, download the tweak BundleIDs. For example, if you were to theme the reddit app, you would find the BundleID, which is com.reddit.Reddit. The end result should be something like:


This is your theme's icon folder

Place your theme folder inside of Library/Themes and apply it via Anemone. If you would like to package it inside of a deb to post on cydia, follow this guide


If you are creating an icon theme that has a transparent background, use the tag <key>ThemeType</key><string>Icons</string> in your info.plist. This will allow for the background to be transparent. you will also have to add @3x to the end of the filename for plus models, and @2x for regular, so [email protected], without the -large.