Security is a very important part of our daily lives as digital citizens. Every single day, there are thousands of breaches to user accounts around the world (probably more). Joking about stealing user credentials is taken very, very seriously, as it should be. A few days ago, Mokhlas Hussein (@iMokles), tweeted in Arabic that he was going to get back at users who downloaded one of his tweaks from a pirate repo/service (translation here).

The Community Rallies For Security

The response from the community was a breath of fresh air in these times of duress. It seems as though everyone is rallying against him and what he currently represents: that it is okay to retaliate by hacking users.

[Discussion] 0ptimo removes every tweak of iMokhles from Big Boss from jailbreak

Optimo; the creator and sole-maintainer of the largest repository, BigBoss, pulled all of iMokhles tweaks from his database. This is pretty much the worst case scenario for a tweak developer as BigBoss is the largest sales channel for tweaks on Cydia.

A moderator of the jailbreak subreddit, ibbignerd, talks about the mods stance in the above comment. iMokhles and all of his tweaks are now officially banned from the sub. This is almost equally as bad as being pulled from BigBoss.

Regarding iMokhles from sideloaded

The moderators of the sideloaded subreddit also banned him and anything related to him from their subreddits. It seems as though the entire community has united against him.

Clearly this is the hacker known as 4chan. Maybe iMokles is working with him? Security...

What We Can Do Now

This whole situation raises a concern with jailbreaking in general. Jailbreaking does inherently reduce the security measures implemented by Apple. It does this by handing the security over to the user, which can be a good or bad thing. That is a topic for an entire article on it’s own, so I’ll leave it at that.

Developer DGh0st made a really compelling comment on a thread someone made regarding the safety of tweaks going forward. I encourage everyone to read through that conversation, he brings up a lot of really good points.

In Conclusion

Here at JailbreakHub we try to remain impartial when it comes to things like this. We aren’t in the business of covering community drama. But we do feel that this is article-worthy news for our readers. Security is among the top concerns among the staff here.

This article is meant to bring attention to the matter and help educate readers so they can make informed decisions on their own. Please read through all of the threads linked in this article, but also be considerate of the conversations going on there if you are a newcomer to reddit.