So you’re jailbroken on iOS 10? It’s time to start installing tweaks and themes to customize the look and feel of your device!

Tweaks are only compatible with the version their developers update them to. Due to changes in iOS 10 (and every iOS version before), you’ll soon find out a lot of tweaks either won’t work together or won’t work at all.

Worst case scenario? You’ll get stuck in a boot loop and be forced to restore to a non-jailbreakable firmware. This sort of thing happens when system files are edited. Jailbreaking your device will not mess with system files, but installing tweaks can.

Let’s avoid that, shall we? The first thing I’ll point you to is an iOS 10 tweak compatibility sheet that will guide you to using updated and stable tweaks for the latest version of the jailbreak. The link for said sheet is located here.

Where do tweaks come from, mom?

You will need repos (short for repositories), and depending on what tweaks you’d like to install, you will either need lots of them or a select few. Repos store tweaks and, as you might guess, are essential to using Cydia on a jailbroken device. Cydia comes preloaded with a few essential repos, such as Bigboss (tweaks) and ModMyi (themes).

Please don’t pirate; most of the time, pirated tweaks aren’t updated (and will cause issues), and piracy gives developers less incentive to develop tweaks for the community (or update old ones).

So what are some of these ‘tweaks’ I can download and install?

Let’s start with what you can download and start using right now, that will aid you in the use of your device. Here are a few that I would highly recommend. With these, you can save your device from a majority of common problems that may happen when jailbroken. Note: some of these are applications.

  1. iCleaner
  2. mTerminal
  3. Filza (you might have heard of iFile – iFile had problems with the iOS 9 jailbreak, and Filza is generally used now).

If you had any issues with installing the above tweaks then please check the following –

  1. You have the default repos installed on Cydia, that should include ones such as BigBoss, etc.
  2. You’ve got a stable connection to a network, whether it be Wi-Fi or cellular data.
  3. You’ve pressed “Refresh” located at the top left of Cydia’s Sources tab and waited for all of your repos to be updated.

If you’ve tried all of the steps above, and you’re still having trouble, try reaching out for support on our Forums, perhaps include the error message and a screenshot. (Please be cordial on the Forums, this will increase your chances of someone helping you).
You now have the compatibility sheet, repos installed (and updated) and some backbone tweaks to get you going.

That about covers it for the basics when it comes to jailbreaking. Just remember that there is an endless amount of tweaks and themes to customize your device just the way you like it. New tweaks and themes are being released and updated daily, and if you’re passionate enough you can even create your own! (See: Creating Your Own Theme)
If you need any help, don’t hesitate to jump on our forums and ask for it. We (and the community) will gladly provide you with any and all information you need as soon as we can.

Good luck, and happy jailbreaking!