A LockHTML Lock Screen set up courtesy of: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Echo-526746834
A LockHTML Lock Screen set up courtesy of: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Echo-526746834

I am new to the jailbreak scene and intrested in lockscreen tweaks. After a ton of research it seemed like LockHTML was my best bet. I searched and searched and could not find a guide anywhere, I looked all over the subreddit and nothing.

Finally after researching, I found links here and there, still nothing soild. So I decided to sit down and figure it out. This is what I found for myself, although I did have some help from some other users.

Setting Up LockHTML 4 On iOS 10.2

Install LockHTML 4 & Filza

  1. Tap here to add the source you’ll need to Cydia.
  2. Search for and install ‘LockHTML 4’ – as of writing this guide should be build 1.3-alpha2-1.
  3. Install Filza File Manager from BigBoss.

Find And Download A Theme

  1. Check here for themes and find a few you like. (All themes designed by original designers whoever they may be.)
  2. When you find the theme you like, click on the link and then save to your dropbox.
    1. You can avoid a few steps by just doing a direct download, no dropbox account required, this will save it straight to filza.
    2. From here you can click on the file you downloaded and click install (top right).
    3. If you’re on mobile: click on the link, then open in safari (or your chosen browser), this is where the direct link is available. Thanks /u/Kaz3000!

Install The Theme

  1. Open filza and click on preferences (gear icon on bottom).
  2. Go to accounts–> Add Account–> sign into your Dropbox.
  3. Navigate to /var/mobile/Library/LockHTML (or var/mobile/Library/Widgets/) thanks /u/PyRobotic!
    1. Found here as well (/var/mobile/Library/GroovyLock) Thanks again/u/RazeLegendz!
  4. Hit the double square in bottom right to open a new window and navigate to your dropbox folder that is holding your downloaed themes.
  5. Hit edit in top right and select the theme you saved and you want to use.
  6. With the theme selected hit the copy button in bottom left.
  7. Hit the double square to go back to your LockHTML folder or one of the others.
  8. Hit the clipboard in the bottom left and hit paste.
  9. Tap on the zip file to unpack it.
    1. If your theme is selected in LockHTML, but still don’t see it on your lockscreen, your theme files might be in an extra sub-folder.
    2. When you unzip, check the unpacked folder to make sure the files aren’t nested in another folder.
    3. If they are, select them all and move them up to the base folder of your theme, thanks /u/PyRobotic.
  10. For sake of freeing up space you can hit edit and delete the zip file at this point.

Select The Theme In LockHTML 4’s Preference Pane

  1. Go Home > Settings > LockHTML 4.
  2. Make sure LockHTML is enabled and then go to select widget.
  3. Click on your newly installed theme and set the options.
  4. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Can I change the postion of the widget?
    • A: If you do not like the default position you can go back to LockHTML settings and under widget position set to ‘Above Notifications’.
      • Lock your screen and press and hold on the widget and drag where you want it.
      • Mine has a weird white frame around it when I let go I just tap power button and it gets rid of it.
  • Q: Some widgets need a local for weather, where can I find this?
    • A: Get your local numbers from HERE.
  • Q: Why are some of the battery stats and cpu info not displaying?
    • A: Please wait for InfoStats 2 to be updated by Matt Clark (Matchstic).
  • Q: Why does the weather on some of the widgets not work?
    • A: If the weather is based off the Yahoo API, it will not work since yahoo has shut it down.
  • Q: Will this work on iPads?
    • A: Try them out and see. Most of the themes was meant for a 4.0″ screen, so will probally have som display issues on the bigger screens.
  • Q: Where are the folders that I need to paste the zip files into?
    • A: Make sure you have navigated to the correct location and if still no folder create it and make sure you check the file path for proper folder naming.
  • Q: I can’t touch my Notifcations when they come in, help?
    • A: Go to widget actions, and make sure ‘Touch disabled’ is checked.

Acknowledgement And Credit


Jordan ‘Crackeyes’
Reddit: jsmith85
Twitter: The_Crackeyes

This was a guest post originally written and posted on the jailbreak subreddit. We saw that it was a good guide on how LockHTML is set up and would be a great addition to our How-To series.

Full credit will always be given when we have guests post on our site.


  1. Mine still won’t work. I copy and pasted the file from your link into groovylock. It didn’t work so I extracted the files from the internal folders and moved them to the outer folders and again nothing happened. Respring? I don’t know. I’ve been trying to do this for a while and never found a guide so thank you for this. First time I’ve gotten close.