Mitsuha, a new Cydia tweak by developer

Mitsuha is a new tweak for the Music App by developer c0ldra1n. He’s been quite active in the early part of 2017 with new releases and updates for tweaks on iOS 9. The tweak is very barebones when it comes to settings, as they are non-existent at the moment.

This might change in a future update. It is only version 0.0.1, leading some to ponder if it’s still in beta. What it lacks in some areas it makes up for with its style and elegance.

What Mitsuha Does

It’s a sound wave visualizer within the Music app and Spotify, at first sight, it will get your head bumping! There are a couple of other aesthetic changes as well, if you like the look of the stock album artwork this tweak may not be for you. The default mode of Mitsuha shrinks down the artwork for a more minimalist look.

Screenshots on Cydia show both round and square artwork, currently it defaults to round on install. Since there are no options to configure, the status of the artwork feature is uncertain. Finally, the knobs on the time scrubber (which is smaller now) and volume slider are gone.

Mitsuha, a new Cydia tweak by developer

Mitsuha’s Compatibility

It is quite limited in these early stages. This tweak only works on iOS 9 in the stock Apple Music app. The dev has also added support for Spotify on iOS 9 and 10. It doesn’t seem to be working with other tweaks that change the album artwork. This could be a downside if you like to have colorization based on the album artwork using Colorflow 2 by David Goldman.

There seems to be some work that the developer could do to allow it to coexist with other tweaks in the ecosystem. For this reason, it might be a good idea to wait for an update before installing, especially since it doesn’t support the iOS 10 music app or include a preference bundle yet.


This isn’t the first tweak to add visualizations to the Spotify and the stock Music app, but it might be the most affordable. It’s free on the BigBoss repo and if you’d like to test out the beta version it can be found on here: If you’re looking for any tweaks for iOS 10 from this developer, it will have to wait until he can update them as he currently doesn’t have any devices on that firmware.

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