iOS Dark Mode Tweaks, Noctis, and Eclipse

iPhone users have been asking for a system wide dark mode for quite some time now. In June of 2014, Fr0st released Eclipse, which came very close to theming just about every aspect of the stock UI as well as 3rd party application. Developer nin9tyfour, released Nightmode just a little while before that in February of the same year. It was later updated as Nightmode (iOS8).

Apple has teased a dark UI recently; the WWDC app had a dark theme, the Clock app has a completely dark interface, and the messages app has methods in it’s frameworks to enable a dark messages UI.

Finally with iOS 10, we have Noctis by LaughingQuoll. It really fleshes out the system wide part of the dark mode experience.

Apple may see the popularity of these tweaks and decide to finally bake it into iOS, maybe not. We can only hope.

Setting up your Dark Mode

The tweaks that you’ll need are Eclipse 4 and Noctis. Unfortunately there are no free tweaks in this article. You will need to fork over $2.99 to have a complete dark mode; $.99 for Eclipse and $2.00 for Noctis. Its a rather small amount when you look at it relative to the device you are installing it on, or how much you spend on a simple cup of coffee.

Eclipse 4's color settings for my current Dark Mode. You’ll want to head over into Eclipse’s preference pane and tap on ‘Color Options’. Here you’ll see ‘NavBar Color’, ‘Theme’, ‘Tint Color’, and ‘Statusbar Color’. You can select from a variety of pre-configured color options that all mesh fairly well with each other.

If you want a little more customization, check out the ‘Custom Colors’ options. You can fine tune which specific colors you’d like to use with hex codes.

Dark Mode - Noctis Settings.Over in Noctis’s settings, you have some similar options for selecting custom colors. When you tap on ‘Tint Color’ it will bring up a libcolorpicker color palette view. In the top right corner is a little hashtag, tapping on it brings up a dialogue for entering a hex code.

Both Eclipse and Noctis are very customizable. Although it’s where they both started, they both blossomed to be a lot more than an iOS dark mode tweak.

Putting It All Together

One of the really nice things about this set up is that Noctis includes a Control Center toggle that Eclipse hooks into. Enabling and disabling your system wide dark mode is only a flick and a tap away.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to sound off and post your setup in the comments below.