My set up with Muffin, a great new theme from ArkLotif

There are a lot of themes that come out every year. Muffin by Designer ArkLotif, easily stands out among the crowd. Boasting over 350 icons and counting. It also sports wallpapers, badges, masks, shadows, iMessage bubbles, and so much more.

First announced as a work in progress about five months ago, it was received very well among the redditors over at iOSThemes, his post getting over 200 upvotes. 

Muffin Themes Nearly Everything

Muffin, a new theme by ArkLotif has beautiful icons
Muffins icons are stunningly beautiful.


All themes start with the icons. He uses a flat color scheme as a base and builds from there. The glyphs themselves on the icons are very simple, but convey exactly what they’re representing. It’s easy to tell which app each icon is for.

Muffin has full settings icon support included out of the box as well.

Muffin themes Badges and the Control Center
Muffin’s Badges and Control Center are simple but elegant.

Badges & Control Center

Badges are an important part of our icons, they draw attention to an app when something that we need to see happens. He adds a squared off side to the bottom left of Badges in Muffin. It has a bit more of an effect that the Badge is indeed coming from that app.

This effect is even better with ColorBadges by David Goldman installed, as seen in the featured image.

Muffin, a new theme by ArkLotif themes UI Sounds and the Status Bar
Muffin’s UI Sounds and Status Bar.

UI, Sounds and Status Bar

ArkLotif has themed various elements around the UI that are really nice and add to the overall experience. Settings toggles, sliders, and shadows Have all been reeesigned, working together to fill out the theme. It’s things like this that make Muffin worth it’s price tag.

One really neat thing about this theme is the UI Sounds. ArkLotif includes some really cute, and sometimes hilarious sound files that replace the ones we all have come to know. Keyboard clicks, the lock sound, and best of all, the charging sound!


Not being an avid themer, I’ve always enjoyed a mostly stock feeling to my phone. That being said, I have dabbled a bit here and there with some of the more popular themes. I typically like the flatter looking themes, so Muffin initially appealed to me when I was first approached about reviewing it.

After installing and living with it for a few days it’s really come to grow on me. I will have to submit some requests for the icons that are missing on my home screen but I’m sure he’d be happy to make them.

ArkLotif already released a few updates, adding some icons in one and significantly reducing the file size somehow in another.

Head on over to the ZodTTD & MacCiti Repo and buy Muffin for $2.50. Seriously, don’t buy your coffee this morning and go buy this theme!

Let us know what you think about it in the comments below!