Apple TV 4, tvOS jailbreak
The new Apple TV.

In the past, Apple TV has been jailbroken, but not for much more than to add Kodi (formerly XBMC), a browser and an emulator. Additionally, the last time a jailbreak was released was for Apple TV 4 on tvOS 9.0, leaving many users unable to download most of the app store’s current offerings due to the simple fact that they require an updated version of the OS. However, this may soon change with the upcoming tvOS Jailbreak for 10.1

‏Morpheus on Twitter posted this:

Apple TV 4 and tvOS

Apple released Apple TV 4 in the fall of 2015, bringing with it a host of new features, such as Siri Remote with quick touch navigation and apps. This new Apple TV brought with it tvOS, an operating system based on iOS for developers. They now have the freedom to create apps and content providers can add their own media to the Apple TV.

The previous tvOS jailbreak allowed users to install a web browser and several emulators, along with Kodi.

Potential Issues With The tvOS Jailbreak

Unfortunately for many owners of the Apple TV, their software may already be on tvOS 10.1.1. The tvOS jailbreak will likely only work with 10.1, so unless you saved your shsh2 blobs with TSSChecker, you’re probably stuck without a jailbreak.

A lack of major tweaks and a GUI for the Apple TV jailbreak make it an unappetizing dive for many users, but what do you think? Can you install the jailbreak? Would you? Let us know in the comments below.


It looks like Kevin Bradley (@nitoTV) just beta tested this out himself and publicly confirmed that it works! This casts aside any notions that it might be a fake jailbreak.

For those who don’t know, Kevin was the first to release a public jailbreak for Apple TVs back in 2010. – Source iClarified