Kaze, a new iOS multitasking tweak.

With the iOS 10 jailbreak pretty much as stable as it’s going to get, there is a question on a lot of jailbreakers minds. Will we see an update to the popular iOS multitasking tweak Auxo? A couple of days ago Qusic, the developer of Couria and Auxo 3, dropped the bombshell.

Auxo is dead. Rip.

Qusic is working full-time and Sentry, the designer of Auxo, has a job working at Snapchat and doesn’t currently have a jailbroken device. He mentions in the package description that he had worked with Sentry on the original concept for the Quick Switcher, but wanted to update it for iOS 10.

He was also the developer behind Auxo 3 (iOS 9).

Multitasking Done Right

Quick Switcher


The Quick Switcher is an incredible feature of Auxo, it truly takes multitasking to the next level. Going back and forth between apps is a simple flick away. With Kaze, Qusic’s idea of stripping out the MultiCenter became a reality. The combination of Quick Switcher, Hot Corners and the stock Control Center opens up a lot more possibilities.

MultiCenter was the primary cause of conflicts with other Control Center tweaks as well. Without it, Kaze should play nice with tweaks like Horseshoe, App Center, and Platters.

 Hot Corners

Closing an app is as easy as swiping up (shown in the featured image on the right). Set to the right side by default, it will close the current app and bring you back to SpringBoard. You have the option to set which side to use for what. Simply set ‘Invert Hot Corners’ in the preference pane.

It’s a really nice addition to the Quick Switcher, they both compliment each other very well.


Kaze settings, a new iOS multitasking tweak.

Over in preferences you’ll see some familiar toggles. Quick Switcher and Hot Corners have separate toggles, which is nice if you only want one of these amazing features. Below that you’ll see some toggles for accessing the App Switcher and inverting Hot Corners.

You’re also able to disable Kaze in apps of your choice just in case it’s getting in the way of your workflow. Pretty straightforward when it comes to settings.


Overall I really love this tweak. I completely agree with Qusic about the MultiCenter, it was too big. Perhaps if someone wanted to make it a tweak all on it’s own, it would work, only time will tell.

I will most definitely be keeping this installed on my device for the foreseeable future, I’ve already gotten used to swiping to kill apps. The best part of it is the price, you can’t beat free!

The one bug I encountered was when I enabled ‘Access App Switcher’, the icons for the apps are jumbled up in the top left corer. Other than that this tweak has been completely perfect.

Have you checked out Kaze yet? Let us know in the comments below!