Shows the album art moves from the bottom to the top of the lockscreen
Before and after adding LockMusic

LockMusic by fl00d is a recent Cydia tweak that changes a few parts of the Lock Screen while music is playing. It places controls on the bottom while you have no notifications, and makes room for album art at the top-left with notifications.

This tweak does those tasks with three main goals in mind. One is to optimize space. This is done by removing unneeded volume sliders, in favor of buttons on the side of your phone.

A second goal is ease of use. Placing controls at the bottom of the screen ensures they aren’t out of reach, even on large phones.

The third goal is to make it more beautiful. It allows for a visual reminder of your music to always exist by placing album art even with notifications on-screen.

LockMusic with notifications
LockMusic with notifications

LockMusic also offers a small menu in the bottom-right or bottom-left hand corner, identified by three small dots. This brings up a menu that allows you to love or un-love a song, or a “Next Shuffle Song” button.


There’s not much to look at, configuration-wise. It adds a simple switch to enable or disable the tweak, and an option to switch the bottom menu from side to side or disable it altogether.

Compatibility with LockMusic

LockMusic plays well with ColorFlow 3. The lockscreen would not otherwise change colors with notifications, but thanks to LockMusic, it can.

Additionally, the tweak works well with Grabby, SimpleLS, LockGlyphX, LockHTML4, and several other lockscreen-modifying tweaks.

Most tweaks don’t affect the Now Playing view and therefore don’t usually have issues, but if you find any, let us know!

Practically, the tweak looks great and functions well without many compatibility issues or any performance issues.


All in all it’s a great tweak and the developer has teased more functionality coming in the near future. Nothing quite as intense as what’s available with the tweak Spin10, but they’re two sperate tweaks aiming at different things.

LockMusic is available for $0.99 on the BigBoss repo.

Let us know what you think of this tweak in the comments!