ModMyi bought by Mobile Nations
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ModMyi has been a staple in the jailbreak community for as long as I can remember. They are a default repository, which means they ship with Cydia. They’re one of the two primary sources for software on jailbroken devices.

On Wednesday, redditor /u/caidens, posted a thread in the jailbreak subreddit about the purchase. He links to a conversation with Kyle Mathews, MMI owner since 2009. Kyle mentions he can’t say who bought it.

Expressing his concerns in the post, which were echoed by other community members, he advises to delete the repo for now.

[Discussion] ModMyi LLC sold in September of 2016 from jailbreak

Mobile Nations Purchase ModMyi

Mobile Nations purchase Modmyi
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This morning, Dennis Bednarz from Mobile Nations went out on a limb to put out the fire before it spread too far, at the risk of incurring punishment from management for publicly mentioning it. He makes a few comments on the Reddit post along with linking to a tweet to help confirm his identity.

Mobile Nations, for those who aren’t aware, is an incredibly well established network of websites with a reach of 500 million people a year. The sites include household names such as iMore, AndroidCentral and WindowsCentral.

Not exactly small potatoes…


It remains unclear exactly what they have planned for the various services MMI has created and maintained for the community throughout the years. Their repo hasn’t been updated in around a month as of now, so this would be a good place for them to start.

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