Cydia Extender Installation/Operation Tutorial

*Please note: Cydia Extender is not to be used for piracy purposes. It is purely for sideloading apps you have permission to sideload.

I’ve seen a few requests for a guide to the installation and operation of Cydia Extender. For those who don’t know Cydia Extender is made by Saurik and is a tool used to sign .ipa files OTA. It works with both Free and Paid developer Apple ID’s. This tutorial is the easiest method and works for free developer accounts. Let’s begin!

First things first you need to grab some files so go ahead and download: MTerminal, Filza and Cydia Extender Installer off of Cydia (Repo’s in the footnotes) Now we can begin!


Step 1. Launch Filza and press the star at the bottom. Tap Apps Manager then find Yalu102 and tap the “i”. Scroll down to where it says “Bundle” and tap it. Next tap “” then “embedded.mobileprovision”. Open it in Text Editor and find where it says ApplicationIdentifierPrefix and copy that 10-digit number. That is your Team ID.

Step 2. Open up MTerminal or any other SSH/Terminal application you use and type “sh” to login to root. The default password is “alpine”. Then type “cyextender 0123456789” (replace “0123456789” with your Team ID) Let it do its thing and wait for it to finish. Your done in the terminal now, you can close it.

Step 3. Open up Cydia Extender on your home screen and it should prompt to install a VPN, Let it. Once it’s done close Cydia Extender from multitasking and reopen it. It should then install a profile, accept whatever needs to be accepted and enter your password. It should go back to Extender. Now your done.


To use Cydia Extender you can download your legally obtained .ipa off of Safari and tap “Copy to Cydia Extender”. This is a quick method but not recommended, I’ll get to that later.

The method that I’m about to show you utilizes Cydia Extenders URL Scheme to automate the process.

Step 1. Locate your .ipa and get it into Filza, this can be done by tapping “Import with Filza”. This should add the file to /var/mobile/Documents. Tap on “Edit” in the top right corner and then the .ipa then “Copy”, press Done. Back out to mobile by pressing “< mobile” then tap Edit again and press on the “+. Name this folder “Extender” then press “Done”. Open the new folder and press the clipboard icon in the bottom left corner. This should paste it in. You can now close Filza.

Step 2. Open Safari and then open a new tap. Go to the address: “cyext:///var/mobile/Extender/*name*.ipa”. (replace “*name*” with the name of your ipa) After you hit enter this should open up Extender and prompt you for your Apple ID and Password. After you hit OK it should go away and do nothing for about a minute, then ask if it can install an app. Press OK and let it do its thing. After that you should be good to go! This link can be used anywhere, for example I set a Activator Action to open this link every 4 days. Have fun guys and if you have any questions you can contact me. Thanks!


* Make sure you have the VPN on when you try installing apps on Extender.
* If you get provision.cpp:156 it means that you have 2FA on and need to get a App Specific Password. You can google it to find out how.
* If it says you have existing certificates it means that your certificates have not expired yet so you can wait for it to expire or use Cydia Impactor to revoke them. (Do this by going Xcode>Revoke Certificates)


1. MTerminal: BigBoss, Free
2. Filza: BigBoss, Free
3. Cydia Extender Installer:, Free