Don’t Stop The Party keeps your music going through resprings

If you're the person who plays music all day and wants uninterrupted music during a respring, this tweak is for you.


The iOS 10 jailbreak continues to improve. Tweaks have been made to iron out annoyances and gaps in the software, like quick switchersdark modes, and increasing the lock screen functionality. Now, there’s a tweak that will continue to play your music through resprings so that you can install tweaks, modify tweak preferences, and mess around with your setup without disrupting your listening experience. Welcome Don’t Stop the Party, a new tweak by Wizages. If you’re looking to see a video demonstration, see the video, linked above.


This tweak is extremely simple to set up. It works right after the final musicless respring, with no configurations or settings to mess with. Install the tweak through Cydia, suffer one more musicless respring, and then you’re golden!


Don’t Stop the Party comes in two flavors: a free Lite version that will only work with the stock Music app, and a full version that costs $2 and is compatible with any other audio applications that support backgrounding, including (but definitely not limited to) SoundCloud, Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube (if you have YouTube Red or Cercube), and Amazon Music Unlimited. Don’t Stop the Party works with your on-device speakers. The tweak also works with headphones or speakers connected to the device through the headphone jack, lightning port, or Bluetooth.


At a glance, Don’t Stop the Party seems to be so simple that you might think you don’t need it. However, once you realize how many times you’re respringing your device, you’ll also realize how much the tweak could benefit your daily device usage! 

Don’t Stop the Party is available now on the BigBoss repo with both the Lite version and the full version (available for $2).

Let us know if you’re ready to keep the party going in the comments below!