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Diagnosing your tweak conflicts isn't always easy.

Diagnosing Your Own Tweak Conflicts – Part Two

The process of diagnosing tweak conflicts or SpringBoard crashes can be a little tedious. You may get lucky and make a good guess based on what you have installed recently, or what...
Kaze, a new iOS multitasking tweak.

Kaze Rises Out of The Ashes of Auxo to Make iOS Multitasking Great Again

With the iOS 10 jailbreak pretty much as stable as it's going to get, there is a question on a lot of jailbreakers minds. Will we see an update to the...

How to Jailbreak and Reuse your Legacy Devices, Part 1

If you're anything like us here at Jailbreak Hub, you probably have a few legacy devices hanging around. You don't want to get rid of them, and want to use them for more than...
Diagnosing your tweak conflicts isn't always easy.

Diagnosing Your Own Tweak Conflicts – Part One

In my first how-to post I covered a few ways that you can grab a list of your tweaks. Here we will start to build on what you learned and get on track to...
onion, a tweak that strips layers off of the Control Center.

Onion Strips Down Your Control Center For A Cleaner Look

Many themes are simplistic, with some pastel colors and simplified iconography. Until now, there hasn't been a good way to strip down Control Center to match this ideology. Developer candoizo recently released his...
My set up with Muffin, a great new theme from ArkLotif

Muffin is a Beautiful New Theme With 350+ Icons, Badges, UI Sounds and More

There are a lot of themes that come out every year. Muffin by Designer ArkLotif, easily stands out among the crowd. Boasting over 350 icons and counting. It also sports wallpapers,...
Apple TV 4, tvOS jailbreak

[Updated] Upcoming tvOS Jailbreak for 10.1

In the past, Apple TV has been jailbroken, but not for much more than to add Kodi (formerly XBMC), a browser and an emulator. Additionally, the last time a jailbreak was released...
A bunch of paid and free tweaks went into creating this beautiful iPhone 6s.

Free Mini Tweaks That Are Compatible With iOS 10 – Part One

With so many awesome tweaks released for iOS 10 and many that are compatible without needing an update, it's hard to cover them all for a start-up site. We're going to...
Black Hat Asia 2017 Security Conference, Fried Apple Team might release an untether.

Fried Apple Team to Speak at Black Hat, Community Speculates an Untether Release

A few days ago, Black Hat Briefings tweeted about the Fried Apple Teams presentation at Black Hat Asia 2017. They link to the presentation page, which summarizes what will be covered in the talk....
A LockHTML Lock Screen set up courtesy of: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Echo-526746834

Guest Post: How To Set up ‘LockHTML 4’ on iOS 10.2

I am new to the jailbreak scene and intrested in lockscreen tweaks. After a ton of research it seemed like LockHTML was my best bet. I searched and searched and could not find a...
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